Growing Tips

Runner Beans

The soil should be double dug the previous autumn and well manured. The seed for early crops can be sown in April under cloches or in the greenhouse in pots. The can be sown outdoors from mid-May  to late June, spacing the seeds 6" apart, 3" deep, thinned later to 12" apart. Plants can be grown up 8' canes or poles or through nets, trellis, wigwams etc. Pinch out the tips of growing shoots when 18" high to produce an early crop. Water well in dry weather. Keep the plants well picked over so no pods set seed. Liquid feed regularly. They also make great patio plants because of their scarlet flowers. 

Kitchen Tips: Select young beans, wash well and trim ends and blanche for 2 minutes. Cool, drain and pack into polythene bags. When pods are young and tender, skin, chop into slices, and use in green salads or try them served with melted butter and roast chicken.


Pests: Bean Seed Fly, Aphids, Bean Weevil.

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Runner Beans