Growing Tips

Courgettes & Marrow

Courgettes are mini marrows and require the same cultivation methods. They will crop very well if planted out on old manure or on the remains of last seasons compost heap. If planted in soil, enrich with a forkful of rotted compost under each plant. Sow 2 seeds in a pot under glass in the third week in April. Thin seedlings leaving the strongest plant to grow on for planting out in early June. The seeds can be sown direct but the crop will appear later, so cover with jam jars or cloches. Keep weed free and well watered. Transfer pollen for the male flower to the female flower using a cotton bud. Support marrows on a piece of glass or straw to prevent rotting. Marrows and Courgettes must be picked before the cold weather sets in. They can be stored in net bags or nylon tights and hung up in a frost free place. Make sure the fruits do not touch each other as this can cause rotting.


Kitchen Tips: Try them fried in slices with bacon or stuffed with chopped ham and garlic.

Pests: Slugs, Aphids, Red Spider Mites.

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