Growing Tips


Cabbage (Spring). A deeply worked, well drained site is essential for this overwintering crop. Fork in a dressing of fish meal before adding crop. Sow seeds in a nursery bed in late July in the north and August in the south. Transplant to bed in mid-September 15" between rows, 9" between plants. Cut every other plant in Spring and leave the rest to heart up.

Cabbage (Summer). Sow seed in March to April 15" apart and 15" between rows. Water well in dry weather.

Cabbage (Winter, Savoy). The soil should be well drained but not rich. Fork in a fertiliser of potash . Sow in May and plant out in July 18" between rows.


Kitchen Tips: For freezing use only young, crisp cabbage leaves. Wash well and cut up finely. Blanch for 1 minute drain and pack into polythene bags.

Pests: Cabbage Root Fly, Clubroot, Cabbage Moth & White Butterfly, Cabbage Whitefly.

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