Growing Tips

Brussels Sprouts

Sprouts need firm, non-manured ground. Dress the plot with one and a half ounce of super phosphate and one ounce of potash 2 weeks before planting. Sow seeds in beds in March to April and transplant to the prepared plot in late May to June, spacing them 24" apart and 24" between rows. They can be intercropped with rows of lettuce. Water well after transplanting and in dry weather. Take dead leaves off and leave on ground for mulch. When the sprouts have finished growing pinch out the top of the plant (don't waste it, can be cooked like cabbage).


Kitchen Tips: For freezing use small hard sprouts. Take off the outer leaves and wash well. Blanch for 3 minutes. Cool and drain before storing in polythene bags.

Pests: Aphids, Clubroot. 



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Brussel Sprouts