Growing Tips


Do best on well drained firm soil. Dress soil with equal parts super phosphate and potash at 2oz per sq yard. Do this 3 days before planting. Sow seed in late April - earl May. When seedlings are large enough to handle space them out 20" to 24" apart. Water well in dry weather. No feeding is required as the plant needs to be hardy to last the winter. The broccoli spears are ready from February to May. When harvesting, pick the centre broccoli spears first to encourage side shoots to prolong cropping.


Kitchen Tips: Select the youngest spears, wash well in salt water, shake dry and blanche for 3 to 5 minutes( depending on stem thickness). Cool, drain and pack into cartons, stalk to tip.

Pests: Clubroot, Aphids, Cabbage Root Fly, Caterpillars.


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